SCMA Singapore Office – Now Open for Business!

Author: Scott Barrett

When it comes to the global Supply Chain, there are few places in the world more centrally critical than Singapore and to ensure our existing and prospective clients are properly serviced in that region, SCMA has opened a local office to be run by me…  our co-founder and President, Scott Barrett.


To spend time in Singapore is to be immersed in every facet of today’s exciting yet complex digital supply chain from close proximity to the fast growing Asia-Pacific customer base, local manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics not to mention top talent coming from its universities and the business community.  We often joke that its an island of Supply Chain and Finance and majority of the Finance comes directly from the Supply Chain!  As complex geo-political events continue to emerge, we see places like Singapore showing greater immunity to the volatility and therefore a likely place where companies will want to drive more business.  Unfortunately the new global reality finds us spending a lot of time with clients on Tariff analysis and how their Supply Chain operations can be leveraged to minimize impact -- location matters more than ever.

If you have operations in SG, China, or throughout Southeast Asia that need attention or find yourself in SG for business, please drop me a note to see how you could benefit from our local services.  I cannot claim to know all of the local places (yet) but look forward to showing visitors around and grabbing a beer on those fantastic warm Singapore nights.

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