Is IBP Response and Supply Ready for Prime Time?

Author: Balaraj Pudota

After a recent test drive of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Response and Supply platform at SAP Waldorf, I wanted to provide a quick insight into the latest module of SAP IBP.   Since its inception over two years ago, Response and Supply has made positive strides in building several critical features and functionalities. Further, its development road map looks exciting and the built-in integration with an ERP Add-on should ease the project implementation effort and timelines compared to competition.


IBP Response and Supply (R&S)  now offers compelling features with Allocation, Response, and Deployment planning solvers leveraging the Order Based Planning (OBP) technique. While IBP's more mature Demand and S&OP capabilities meet the long term planning needs, R&S offers a way to meet the short term planning or operational planning needs of a company.  OBP combines the advanced yet familiar techniques of Capable to Match (CTM) and Back Order Processing (BOP) logic for order based prioritization and pegging formally associated with the SAP’s Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO).  A  newer option of combining the benefits of Optimizer with Order based planning is scheduled to be available comprehensively with the next release of IBP (I'll post more on that once I have had a chance to play with it). The output of these solvers will result in executable orders that can be integrated with ERP. 

For industries that constantly run into material or capacity shortages, Gating Factor analysis provides ways and means to analyze and improve the supply plan. Additional role based and Supply Chain visual Fiori apps are available that offer advanced analytics and interpretation of  planning results. The Spreadsheet UI will continue to be the planners operational environment that captures both Demand and Supply results. The planners operational environment is much more intuitive and offers self service analytics.


Although IBP R & S is yet to reach its full potential across industries, I am pleased to note that IBP Response continues to show tangible and business impactful improvements with every release! It is important to consider the product roadmap and latest available features while developing a transformation roadmap with SAP IBP Response and Supply.

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