Sapphire 2018: Drinking the Kool-Aid (yet)?

Author: Chris Botha

After the biggest attendance at Sapphire to date, you can clearly see a very new era for SAP and enterprise software. Younger faces, more t-shirts, a cooler concert and lots of talk about ‘Intelligent Enterprise’. Focus has certainly shifted from the ‘Digital Core’ to art of the possible in the new era of cloud and digital transformation. Has the message changed or is it just refined? 

 Let’s break it down to basics. The fuel to all of this is the SAP Cloud platform. Embracing open source Cloud Foundry has transformed ‘your dad’s ERP’ to an innovative new world where new business models come to life in real two speed IT fashion.

The rapid expansion of the Leonardo applications on top of this platform, truly enables Intelligent business processes back through the S4/HANA core via real-time API integration while the newly announced SAP C/4HANA as the 4’th Generation Customer Experience Suite leverages this platform to bring the Commerce-, Sales-, Services- and Marketing Cloud to the next level while delivering a unified digital customer experience.

So the message may have been refined (a bit), but what has not changed, is that the HANA based SAP Cloud Platform is still the secret sauce that can help transform your organization.

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