Real-time Oracle ERP to SAP GATP?

Author: Scott Barrett

Can Oracle and SAP live together in the same real-time environment? Well this question came to us from a client who has an Oracle backend but wants to leverage the much more advanced ATP capabilities of the SAP gATP platform.

Oracle is unable to match gATP’s tools like Rules-based ATP with product and plant substitutions, Multi-level ATP, and flexible Product Allocation. Luckily this is right in our wheelhouse as our technical team are experts in SAP’s order-to-cash area and specifically gATP. We have sketched out a way to make this happen with orders originating in Oracle as the core Enterprise system, making a real-time call to gATP to leverage the advanced logic to get the confirmation, and then posting back into Oracle. We’ll keep you posted if this ends up moving from idea into a real solution

With advancements coming on non-core Enterprise systems like Kinaxis, JDA, Anaplan, etc we believe our expertise will be leveraged to help the data move seamlessly among these systems as their legacy achilies heel is “great interface and algorithm but painful data integration”. We want to free our clients up to build an ecosystem of best in class platforms without the worry of data latency or accuracy.

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