Deep in a Singapore Warehouse

Author: Scott Barrett

More often than not, our client facing work is done in their corporate offices far away from the factories and warehouses where the actual supply chain lives. While standing in front of a conference room white board is like a second home to us, we all get an extra spark when we can be physically on the line or in the distribution center watching product flow.

This week we are fortunate to be with one of our clients in their Singapore warehouse working on a full digital revamp of their operations.

  • Instead of paper picklists, we will arm all floor workers with iOS devices tapping into the SAP backend with real-time direction
  • Algorithms comb through the sales order data to dynamically define what products are moving fast and which are a bit slower to optimize rack space
  • Advanced picking algorithms are allowing the workers to map through the maze of racks with the fewest number of steps while maximizing the number of batches they can safely select with each picking run
  • Real-time visibility using FIORI web-based monitors so management can see the flow of product from the racks onto the carrier’s trucks

It is so exciting to see how in just a few months we can leverage all of the existing Enterprise data, pair it with some custom apps as an extension of that data, and drive transformation down to every worker who picks, packs, and ships out products every day.

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