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SCM Accelerators Acquired by UST Global

Author: Scott Barrett

That is an exciting headline to write but I thought a more personal post here, beyond today’s press release and presentations, might provide some insights and context to the deal we struck and our future plans.

Let’s start with how this all came about.  About every 1-2 years during our ten-year existence we have been approached by firms looking to acquire our unique, expert Operations + SAP talent and top tier client relationships.  To date those have been interesting discussions but Dejan, Thomas, Alfredo, and I were never looking for the cash-out play and focused more on assessing the culture of our would-be new parents – the litmus test was always “is this a place I want to work?”  Those past discussions fell far short of that test until we met the folks at UST Global.

So why UST and why now?  Unlike other past suitors, we immediately meshed with the UST team while working on a few joint projects with their customers.  Building up that mutual admiration of work ethic and client-first mentality started solidifying the relationship.  The biggest turn was when UST reached out to us to join them not as new faces among thousands of Operations & SAP consultants in their existing stable, but as the beachhead leadership team of a new business unit they believed was a key strategic growth area.  Tapping into our entrepreneurial spirits, the idea of building something new within the structure of an established firm, was a unique and exciting opportunity.  Finally, UST’s tagline is to have deeper relationships with fewer clients - I have not heard that since Jerry McGuire was fired for writing it… but it is exactly how SCMA runs and we were thrilled to find such a large, established organization sharing the same values.

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Improving Warehouse Productivity via SAP and Smart Digital Applications

Author: Scott Barrett

Whether it comes in the form of a scathing articles from the NY Post, or more lengthy exposé from HBO's John Oliver, Amazon has found itself in the news recently for how challenging and exhausting it can be as a picker in their warehouse. Some employees say they can easily walk 15-18 miles a day through the cavernous warehouse moving from aisle to aisle picking the little things we buy everyday out of their bins and getting them onto the pack stations. We all know Amazon is a leader in the logistics game so it’s no surprise that we are seeing this as a fairly common problem and we are excited to share that we recently implemented an algorithm and digital solution at one of our high-tech clients to help improve and hopefully avoid a similar situation.

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S/4 HANA aATP Webinar with SAP & SCMA - Intelligent Order Promising

Over the past few months SCMA has been actively engaged in progress of advanced ATP in various forms. While several companies have started to launch their S/4HANA roadmap, Order Promising has become a key challenge migrating from the legacy features many take advantage of in APO GATP to the new advanced ATP features on the S/4 HANA system.  If your company..  

  • Is about to launch an S/4HANA roadmap
  • Has plans to perform a POC on aATP with S/4HANA
  • Is ready to evaluate the gaps between the current order commit and intelligent promise

We conducted a Webinar with SAP covering the basics of aATP as well as demos of the capabilities on April 12th, 2019.  The recorded session is below


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